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Montana History Foundation

Using Technology for Cemetery Preservation

Cemeteries provide a lasting reminder of earlier generations, but are often in a state of neglect and disrepair. However, there are several innovative technologies available to help locate, map, protect and preserve these sacred spaces.

This resource webpage and training video are the result of a Cemetery Preservation Technology Workshop hosted by the Montana History Foundation in June 2018.

In Search of Amelia Earhart

International Expedition

Forensic Dogs Locate Spot Where Amelia Earhart May Have Died. ICF canines searched a remote Pacific island for any signs of the famous, ill-fated pilot. 

The dogs—four border collies named Marcy, Piper, Kayle, and Berkeley—arrived on the island on June 30 as part of an expedition sponsored by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) and the National Geographic Society.

Project 1
Hidalgo Cemetery2.jpg
Pauper Cemetery
Hidalgo County Texas

Historic Preservation

Dr. Russ Skowronek has been a friend for many years and in the beginning of ICF he assisted us in getting involved with projects by introducing us to Native American monitors and archaeologists.

Kid Pics3 Sq.jpg
Malakoff Diggins State Park

Gold Rush History Preservation

In May, ICF sent three teams to search a part Malakoff Diggins State Park for historic and prehistoric burials. We were only a part of a larger group effort to search and help preserve our history by identifying features and artifacts.

Projects 2
Rohnert Park

Prehistoric Burial Construction Mitigation

This construction mitigation project is confidential.

Santa Inés

Historic Documentation

Sheila Benedict wants to know where all the bodies are buried. Last week she got some help from Asha, 2, Jasper and Piper, both 6, and 8-year-old Bailey.

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