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Jasper searches a sand dune in California

There are many considerations that go into our proposal preparation. Terrain, vegetation and weather are important factors that we consider when planning for a successful survey and to provide you the most accurate estimate. 


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  5. Describe the terrain in the search area: Is it flat, hilly, rocky, prairie, etc.?

  6. Describe the vegetation. 

    • Is there dense forest, scattered trees, thorny bushes, grass, scrub brush, forest, etc.?

    • Are there pokey weeds like goat heads, fox tails, thistle, blackberries? 

    • Is there poison ivy or poison oak?

  7. Are there domestic animals or livestock present? 

  8. Is the area open to the public? If so, please describe. 

  9. Is it near high traffic areas? (busy roads, freeway, trails etc.)

  10. Will there be ground truthing (digging to verify dog alerts)?